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Heavy-Duty Entrance Mat

We realize that this is one of the most unsexy items we've ever posted on the Reserve. But that's the great thing about Gentlemint... we put value on things that get the job done, no matter how sexy it is.

Enter the (very dully named) Apache Mills Indoor/Outdoor Mat, a durable, 1/4 inch entry mat that you'll probably overlook if you saw it upon entering someone's house.

But this mat does the most glamorous of jobs with ease. It'll take whatever you can wipe on it without fail.

We wouldn't have found this gem if it weren't for the good people at Cool Tools, who have put this particular mat through the paces for a year on a farm. They have soiled the Indoor/Outdoor mat countless times with daily use, and have cleaned it with a pressure washer. It takes a licking and keeps on ticking. Oh, and apparently cats won't pee on it, which is a plus.