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Quick Release Bottle Opener Keychain

We're big fans of both useful keychains and beer. The Unclip Keychain is a nifty quick-release carabiner keychain that holds your keys and has a well-designed bottle opener. You can quickly access your keys and open your beer, all with the same tool.

The keychain is made with two spring-loaded wings, and comes with either a nylon or leather strap. Getting your keys is an easy process thanks to a Chicago screw post (which also goes by the technical term "Sex bolt"... don't ask.) The post style allows for easy attaching and detaching of keys.

The Unclip raised a nice round of $54,000 on Kickstarter, and is since been full-steam ahead on manufacturing these keychains to the world.

It's a pretty nifty concept, and it looks sleek and modern. For $22-$25 bucks, it's not a bad price either.