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  • High_Binder 4 years ago

    Get it before ATF re-classifies it, whihc they always do with triggers like this (yes this trigger has been done many times before).


  • 57plymouth

    57plymouth 4 years ago

    $500 for the ability to drain a mag faster? I'll pass. That's what I spent to scratch build my first AR. I'd rather practice more and spend that $500 on ammo.


  • elsueco

    elsueco 4 years ago

    Yeah, spendy, but I tend to think it'd be a whole lot of fun too. Especially in my M&P 15/22. Get my drift?


  • BCV 4 years ago

    Going to wait for some hard abuse reviews... it does look neat, and I could see it's purpose for LE Agencies who don't need full auto, but the ability to control fast rapid fire.