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Innovative Wall File- The Up Filer

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Innovative Wall File- The Up Filer

The Up Filer wall file design was the result of our own frustration as designers with other filing solutions. By creating a wall mounted system that organized files by the bottom edges, content can vary greatly in size without one item ever hiding another. The other advantage of this system is that it moves all of your files onto your under-used walls. Everything is now clearly in sight and your valuable workspace and floor space is free again. As designers it was important that it be attractive, durable, and functional. The Up Filer wall file is made of nickel-plated steel and hardwood or bamboo. No more ugly plastic tabletop units. It's perfect for anyone who wants to free up space and needs a filing system that is sleek and durable and keeps all your important stuff organized and within easy reach. Westerville Design and the Up Filer is a Denver, Colorado business with manufacturing in the USA and is currently selling the Up Filer online at

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