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  • skilletboy

    skilletboy 1 year, 1 month ago

    I wish I could like this tack 100 times!!!

    I have advocated for this very thing time and time again. Instituting these programs back into schools could help solve major problems, especially in the inner city.

    I'd go a step further and allow high school seniors to drop out of the traditional last year of HS and enter into a trade based training program that would lead them directly into apprenticeship and blue collar labor positions. The over emphasis on "college only" is crippling the inner city IMHO.

    My wife teaches in a major, well known, inner city aren in the SF bay area; East palo Alto. The high school graduation rates in EPA is about 50%.

    Guess where all those non-educated males are going after they leave... It's not rocket science.

    Give them a job, give them a future and maybe, just maybe they have a hope of not joining a gang or picking up a gun to take what they want. I've worked too hard with teen boys to see these kids get tossed aside and filled with false crap that "college" will fix all ills.