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Tom Scholz: Sound Machine

Wow, I had no idea Tom Scholz was an M.I.T grad who engineered various musical products. That helps explain why Boston had such a unique sound.

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  • brian

    brian 10 months, 1 week ago

    Yeah, I knew he built all of his own equipment. In the 1980s he also had a company called "Rocktron" I believe that sold the equipment he designed.


  • brian

    brian 10 months, 1 week ago

    Sorry, I posted the other comment before I watched the whole thing and they spent a great deal of time explaining that.

    It's refreshing to hear someone like this admit that they are insecure about their work. I mean, how crazy is it that the guy that wrote More Than a Feeling thought his stuff wasn't that good. Incredible.

    And now, I'm going to go listen to Amanda on repeat.