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De Tomaso, the Italian supercar marque founded by Argentine-born Alejandro de Tomaso in Modena in 1959, hit a high point with the Pantera in 1971, which became an icon of 1970s Italian automotive exoticism. Prior to that however the company produced the Mangusta, of which just 400 examples were built between 1966–1971. Since then company mostly concentrated on its ownership of Maserati and Moto Guzzi until it went belly up in 2004. Recently there’s been talk of reviving the brand under its new owner Gian Mario Rossignolo, and now designer Maxime de Keiser has come up with what a new Mangusta could look like.

At first glance it appears to be a modified Lamborghini, but then viewed from a different angle, the original Mangusta was contemporary with cars like the Urraco that began to define the Lamborghini style. While you’re waiting for de Keiser’s dream to become a reality, check out a mint 1970 Mangusta from Florida’s Motorcar Gallery that will run you just $99,500.


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