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SurfEasy | Plug in Privacy by Team SurfEasy — Kickstarter

via 3 years ago
SurfEasy | Plug in Privacy by Team SurfEasy — Kickstarter


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  • dbautista 3 years ago

    I'm sorry to say but this really is not a new idea. This "concept" has been around for a few years.

    This SurfEasy is definitely packaged beautifully to become a very nice commercial product though


  • sam_acw

    sam_acw 3 years ago

    Do you mean running some sort of linux system off a memory stick?

    I think it's the packaging and the fact that someone else has done the anonymising that makes it work. If everyone could keep their own stuff secure there'd be no market and no investors. $50 may be a little steep for the basic version though.


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