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I grew up in Southern California, but Idaho is where I feel at home. I currently live in Virginia. I have a seriously hot wife who is everything I ever wanted in a woman. I love to do anything that gets me outdoors, but I especially love to hunt and fish. I enjoy training hunting dogs, particularly pointing breeds (GSP, GWP) and Retrievers (Goldens), and am considering also moving in to Search and Rescue training. The mountains are my therapy. I studied survival and buschcraft under one of the premiere teachers in North America. I make knives from scrap steel and wrestle bears in my spare time. (well, i don't actually wrestle bears, but perhaps one day I will.) I hope to get in to the competitive shooting world one of these days, as shooting is one of my passions. I am a self-described 'Jack of All Trades' and enjoy working with my hands. I'm in to tactical and survival gear, and really enjoy sharing my knowledge of the outdoors with people who want to be self sufficient. I'm a firm believer in limited Government. I am a devoted member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
I have enjoyed using Gentlemint to share things that I'm interested in and find new ideas from other people.

JerCon (aka Jereme Conley )

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