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The Best Compound Bow for Women - Updated for 2017

Started 1 year, 8 months ago | 4 tacks

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  • Squirrel Hunting with a Slingshot: 5 Tips to Make You a Pro
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How to Build a DIY Rocket Stove for Camping/Survival (with Design Plans)

Started 1 year, 9 months ago | 9 tacks

  • Camping Tips, Tricks, and Hacks (All my favorites) - The Creek Line House
  • 14¬†Awesome Camping Ideas That Are Borderline Genius
  • How to Make a Pocket Grill
  • Best Tactical Backpacks of 2017: Reviews, Features, & Our Top Picks


24 Lost Gardening Tips from 100 Years Ago

Started 2 years ago | 4 tacks

  • Top 6 Natural Remedies For Preppers: Simple Cures From Mother Earth
  • How to Collect Birch Sap
  • How to Grow Fruits in Your Garden All Year Round

Cool Stuff

Adventure Seekers Hit the Road in a DIY School Bus Home

Started 2 years ago | 8 tacks

  • Suunto Core All Black Military Watch Review: An ABC Watch For Everyone
  • 10 Hidden Weapon Storage Ideas: Secret Drawers, Fake Books, and More!
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Bug Out Bags

Best Tactical Backpacks of 2017: Reviews, Features, & Our Top Picks

Started 2 years ago | 3 tacks

  • Using the 80/20 Rule To Prep Smarter, Better, Cheaper, And Faster
  • Best Bug Out Bag Backpack | The Ultimate Guide to BOB Packs


16 Preppers Reveal Their Favorite Survival Tool

Started 2 years, 1 month ago | 23 tacks

  • 43 Experts Share their 3 Best Survival Tips When Lost in the Wild
  • 10 Ways to Find Water to Survive the Wilderness
  • 23 Things a Prepper Should Never Throw Away
  • Morse Code For Survival

Tactical Gear

9 Invaluable Survival Uses for a Knife - Using Your Blade to Survive

Started 2 years, 1 month ago | 9 tacks

  • The Best Survival Knife Reviews 2017 - What are the Top Fixed Blade Knives for Preppers?
  • Best Tactical Backpacks of 2017: Reviews, Features, & Our Top Picks
  • J5 Tactical V1 Pro Flashlight Review - A Great AA Flashlight for EDC
  • Casio G Shock Rangeman GW 9400 Master of G Tactical Watch Review