Water-Filled Punching Bag

Punching bags are great, but there’s quite a disconnect between punching a foam-padded bag and a human body (or so I’m told). The water-filled Aqua Training Bag gets closer to the real deal. When you hit the surface, the energy is dispersed through the internal housing, feeling more like it would be when hitting a body. This allows you to practice punching through an object instead of just tapping the surface.

Whether you’re training for a fight or just wanting to blow off some steam, the Aqua Training Bag is a nice addition to your gym. You can use the bag inside or outdoors, which is nice if you’re wanting some variance in your training locations. Transporting the bag is easy, as it only weighs 12 pounds without water. Simply add water with a garden hose or spigot.

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At the time of posting the price was $150.