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BedJet: Bed Ventilation System

My internal temperature runs hot. I'm the last to put on a jacket, and I typically can't wear any sweatshirts or sweaters in the winter because I end up ripping them off in a sweaty huff.

This problem is exacerbated when I crawl into bed next to my wife, who needs every blanket in our house to maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature.

The BedJet is a sleeping ventilation system that aims to fix this problem for us sweaty sleepers. The cooling system wicks away heat and moisture, and it even has a night sweat management mode to remove body moisture from the bed.

The BedJet also works for cold sleepers as well, piping in warm air for those that run on the cold side at night.

If that weren't enough, the latest version includes an essential oil diffuser to help with aroma therapy, as well as to "freshen" the sheets a bit.

And lastly, the system inclues a bluetooth app that allows you to set temperature night modes, and an alarm that helps you wake with temperature instead of blaring alarms.