Cast Iron Chicken Fryer

Cuisinart has the best way figured out to cook chicken: in their enameled cast iron fryer.

Ok, so really the “chicken fryer” does more than fry chicken. In fact it’s like a cast iron pan and a dutch oven had a beautiful, porcelain enameled baby.

While the chicken fryer is smaller than most dutch ovens, it does have the benefit of the cutouts on the sides for draining and allowing more liquid to boil off. Also, one leg up on other cookware is that it won’t absorb flavors or orders. You can cook with it in the oven provided you don’t go above 500 F.

If you’re needing something a little deeper than the traditional cast iron pan, than toss it on the range or grill. And maybe the best feature of all: the chicken fryer is dishwasher safe.

The good people at Cuisinart have added a limited lifetime warranty that will repair or replace any wear-and-tear from normal home use.

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At the time of posting the price was $90.