Duke Cannon Solid Cologne - Smell Like the Outdoors (In a Good Way)

If you don’t like wearing liquid colognes, then lean a little closer to your screen. Duke Cannon has a men’s fragrance Open Skies from the Air series that sounds like it might just be a nice change from your traditional spray colognes.

There’s a lot to be said for solid colognes. For starters, you have more control over the application of the scent, as you’re applying directly with your hands. Open Skies is subtle and smells like the great outdoors: crisp, light, and with a hint of juniper.

Another benefit of these solid colognes is that they’re great for travel. The fact that they’re a solid means that you don’t have to mess with TSA restrictions. The small size of the container will take up virtually no space in your bag.

Duke Cannon’s scents are reasonably priced at around $21, much cheaper than the traditional designer colognes.

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At the time of posting the price was $21.