Edible Bugs: Earthworm Jerky, Insect Trail Mix, and More

One interesting culinary trend is the emergence of bugs and critters as food. Other countries and cultures have been doing this for a while, but now thanks to the magic of Amazon you can get your mitts on just about any kind of cooked bug or critter.

If you can bypass your gag reflex (and sub-par Amazon reviews), there are a lot of redeeming qualities to eating bugs. High in protein, readily available food source, and you won’t have other people stealing your snacks.

Earthwork jerky? Trail mix made from scorpions and diving beetles? Or maybe you just want to relax with a simple bag of boiled crickets. The good people at the Newport Jerky Company have made this all possible. Just pick your poison and in a couple of days a bag o’ bugs will be patiently waiting at your door.

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At the time of posting the price was $13.