Gentlemint Review: Nectar Sunglasses

Sunglasses and I have a love/hate relationship.

It seems like the only sunglasses I can keep are the cheap, gas station variety. Any half-decent pair that I buy seems to be lost within the first week. I usually don't put too much stock (or money) into a pair of sunglasses.

So when the good people at Nectar Sunglasses reached out and asked if Brian and I each wanted to give their sunglasses a spin, I gladly said yes. (I was in-between gas station pairs.)

So we each picked out a pair that suited our tastes. Brian picked out the Desperado, and I the Cypress.

Now, before we begin: This is not a paid review. We were only bribed with free shades, so our opinions are our own. (You can't pass up free shades, right?)

Upon holding the shades for the first time, I was struck by how lightweight the glasses were. I immediately took this to think that this meant they were "cheap", but after wearing them for about a week now, that's not the case. In fact, they're surprisingly sturdy for just how light they feel.

I've worn them driving in the car and walking, but Nectar sunglasses were supposedly outdoorsy sunglasses. Their website is full of long-haired folk surfing, skydiving, and the like.

So in order to really put them through the paces (and maintain the integrity of this review), I did an outside workout in them. A few circuits of sprints, pushups, squats, and other bodyweight excercises out in the woods. They held up great. They didn't slip once, and I didn't notice them after the first 30 seconds. Which is really what you want in a pair of sunglasses.

The best part about Nectar Sunglasses? The price. My pair was $20, and Brian's $30. Brian's previous pair was a pair of $200 Ray-Bans, and in his words these are just as good, at a fraction of the price.

In my mind, they're great "adventure sunglasses" because they're durable and inexpensive, so you're not worried about replacing them.

Would we recommend Nectar shades? Absolutely.