Global G-3 Meat Carving Knife

Featuring a hollow handle that’s filled with sand, this carving knife has a blade that stays very sharp longer than most knives

This Global carving knife has two really great things going for it: perfect balance and a razor-sharp blade. The Japanese have long been known for their excellent knives, and this meat carving knife is no exception.

The 8 1/4 inch blade on the knife is made from some space agey blends of molybdenum and vanadium stainless steel. The edge is very sharp, and uses a longer bevel that has been “face ground”. Most knives use a shorter bevel on the blade, so this longer bevel allows the knife to remain sharper longer than even high-carbon stainless-steel knives.

The handle is hollow and filled with the precise amount of sand that gives the knife it’s great balance in your hand. As the balance point shifts on the knife, the sand flows back and forth through the handle, creating a continuous and smooth movement. A finger notch exists between the blade and handle for safety.

The handle is dimpled to help with the grip. The overall feel of this knife is lighter than most other carving knives, due to the hollow and perforated handle.

Overall, this is a great carving knife that won’t break the bank.

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At the time of posting the price was $100.