KUDU Grill: Open Air, Multi-purpose Grill

The KUDU grill has kind of taken the grilling industry by storm. It's a multi-faceted grill that allows you to cook over an open fire in many different modes. You can use a cast iron skillet, a grill grate, or put a pot on top of the grate. It's a lot like cooking over a campfire in your backyard, and with better tools. In theory you can combine these tools at the same time, too. Like utilizing the skillet over half of the fire, and the grill grate over the other half.

The KUDU is made with heavy gauge steel, and the grill grate is made from carbon steel. All of the steel has high temperature powder coating. The legs are self-leveling, which is handy as well. The base has lots of handles for easy maneuvering, and the whole shebang comes with a 5 year warranty.

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At the time of posting the price was $449.