MasterPan Double-Sided Grill Griddle

There’s quite the push for griddle cooking on the grill these days, and for good reason. The griddle allows for even cooking across the surface, reducing hot spots and the like.

There’s nothing like finishing a giant steak on a griddle with some butter, and this MasterPan double-sided grill griddle allows you to do that easily. The griddle has a deep grill pan on one side, the other a griddle.

The griddle is a large 10x15 inches, which is plenty big enough to put a giant spread of meat, flapjacks, or anything else you might need to cook. The surface is Pfoa-free Whitford’S Xylan Plus Double Layer Non-Stick coating, and is safe to heat up to 350 degrees in the oven. The whole unit is sturdy, and built to last.

A wonderful feature of this griddle is that it can easily be used on nearly any cooking surface: electric stove top, oven, even outdoor grill. Both sides of the griddle feature deep walls, allowing you to drain juices away from meat or other dishes that put off lots of liquid without it spilling onto the cooking surface.

And last but not least, the handle is removable, which is a nice feature for storing in the cabinets without an awkward handle sticking out.

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At the time of posting the price was $30.