Mykel Hawke's Apocalypse Shovel

Mykel Hawke is a retired Army Special Forces officer who knows a thing or two about survival. Even more than his accolades for his service in the Army, he's probably more widely known for his role in Dirty Sanchez: The Movie.

Ok, maybe not.

But Mykel has written books about survival equipment, and he's designed this multi-function Apocalypse Shovel. The shovel is heavy duty, and features a serrated edge. Inside the handle of the shovel you'll find a treasure trove of goodies needed to outlast any zombie during the Apocalypse:

  • Pick-axe
  • Compass
  • Glass breaker
  • Bow drill divot hole (for starting fires)
  • Nylon pouch
  • Matches

The whole shebang features a anti-corrosion coating, ensuring that this shovel will withstand years of living on the lam.

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At the time of posting the price was $80.