PanGogh: Pancake Art For the Rest Of Us

Sometimes traditional flapjacks just don’t cut it. Sometimes you need a pancake shaped like a lion with a flowing mane, in multiple colors. This is where the PanGogh pancake griddle saves the day, allowing you to express your artistic side with everyone’s favorite breakfast food.

The PanGogh comes with pancake templates, batter bottles, and a griddle that gives you the freedom to create such dazzling pieces like an ice cream cone, spooky characters, even an idyllic summer setting.

But don’t be constrained by these templates! Feel free to explore the griddle and create your own artwork with bottles that have different size tips, giving you a wide or narrow batter brush to paint with.

The griddle doubles as a frame for your masterpiece, and is dishwasher safe.

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At the time of posting the price was $43.