Solar-Powered Grill With NASA-like Technology

We're big on camping items here on the Reserve. Now, normally I'd prefer to do my cooking on a grate over a campfire, but sometimes that's not always an option. Sometimes there's a fire ban. Or sometimes there just isn't any wood handy.

This is where the PhotonGrill really shines. The PhotonGrill is a fuel-free barbecue grill that comes in a backpack. It reaches 500 degrees in 5 minutes--which is 5 times faster than charcoal. It accomplishes this feat using an inflatable mirror (which sounds crazy in itself), and uses a solar-optimized pan.

While this may sound like complicated science, it's actually quite simple to set up the grill. Just unfold the mirror, inflate, align to the pan and watch the pan heat up. When you're done, fold up the mirror into the backpack, and off you go.

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At the time of posting the price was $99.