Pop Up Fire Pit

We feature a lot of fire pits on the Reserve, as well as a lot of camping products, so it should come as no surprise that a portable fire pit such as this one would make an appearance here. In fact we've already covered a Fireside Outdoor product already, the Campfire Defender.

The Pop-Up Fire Pit is lightweight, only weighing 8lbs and set up in one minute. Even more importantly, the whole unit cools down in 90 seconds, which is quite a feat. It's worth noting that this fire pit allows you to use normal-sized firewood, so you don't have to chop any down to fit inside of the fire pan. Other fire pits like the Solo Stove take a long time to cool down and are much heaver.

You can easily cook on this with the folding grill grate accessory that they offer as well. The Pop-Up Pit will never rust, and utilizes a patented mesh to hold the firewood, which allows for air to circulate below the wood.

Here's a video of by the makers on how to set it up:

For right at $100, this a nifty addition to your camping gear or backyard.

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At the time of posting the price was $99.