Portable Espresso Maker

Espresso, in my humble opinion, is the nectar of the gods. There is nothing finer than a smooth espresso to start your morning. And there's no better place to enjoy an espresso than out in nature.

Unfortunately, most espresso machines are clunky, heavy, and not very portable. But thanks to the MiniPresso by Wacaco, you can now enjoy the perfect espresso on the go. Just boil some water, add some grounds, and pump.

One great thing about the MiniPresso is that it doesn't require any electricity or CO2. Oftentimes portable espresso machines requre the batteries batteries or CO2 to make espresso. The Minipresso uses a hand powered pump to create the pressure needed to push the water through the grinds.

The MiniPresso also doesn't require any filters. Instead it uses a stainless steel sieve, adhering to the leave no trace mindset of keeping our wildlife beautiful. The gadget includes a scooper for the grounds, and the cap doubles as a shot glass. The entire coffee tool is made with BPA free food-grade plastic.

Easily toss this little espresso maker in with your camping gear, as it weighs less than a pound and measures to about the size of your hand.

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At the time of posting the price was $50.