Smart Weather Camera System

If you're a weather nerd, this just might be for you. With this Complete Smart Weather Camera System essentially turns your yard into a mini weather station.

From their campaign, they describe it as "the world’s first community-based smart weather camera station with real-time images, time-lapse and precise weather data."

There's a weather camera (SKY2) that measures all sorts of atmospheric data like precipitation, temperature, humidity and much more. There's a camera that and takes a high res photo of the sky every 5 minutes. These photos are grouped together to give a timelapse of the weather for each day.

The station also has another device ("STORM") that captures rainfall, wind speed, direction, and other interesting atmospheric bits. These two pieces are charged by a solar battery panel

And lastly, there's an app (BloomSky) that pairs your device to your area. The data you collect can be shared to the app that is essentially trying to create Instragram for weather. Check out locations from other weather station members.

If you're into weather, this is an interesting project, and we're happy to feature it here on the Reserve. The project has already raised $633,000 and still has time left. Kits start at $89 pledges.

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At the time of posting the price was $89.