Soda Stream's New Beer Bar: Homebrew In Seconds

So here's a product that has our eyebrows raised.

Soda Stream is announcing that in 2017 they'll be releasing the American version of the Beer Bar. The Beer Bar is essentially the ability to make a home brewed beer in a matter of seconds, just like you can make a soda with the Soda Stream. The Beer Bar will first offer a Blondie light beer that weighs in at 4.5 ABV.

I'll be the first to say it: I'm highly skeptical of this product. This seems a lot like a Mr. Beer than it does homebrew. I'll admit that there is an allure to making beer in the matter of seconds. But when the company starts using lines like "quality home-crafted beer" and "authentic taste" in press releases, they're doing their best to make me believe that it's almost like drinking beer. No thanks.

You can't rush perfection.

Hat tip: 9to5 Toys