Survival Belt With Flashlight, Wire Saw, Fishing Hooks and More

There have been a slew of survival EDC items that do one or two great things. But the Cache Belt is a different kind of beast.

The survival belt has two feet of velcro that encases different amounts of survival equipment pieces, depending on which belt you're buying. The Essentials Belt includes: fishing hooks fishing weights safety pins needle fishing line whistle cordage zip ties duct tape F.A.T. Packs fire starter kit water container water purifier tabs nylon webbing hidden pocket gear loops bead chain bottle opener

The Adventure belt builds on the above essentials, adding: water pre-filter aluminum foil ceramic knife flashlight trail markers bandages compass signal mirror * brass wire

As you can see, this belt is the real deal. It's currently a Kickstarter that was funded in 2 hours. A $50 pledge will snag you an Essentials belt, and $75 will get you the Adventure belt.

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At the time of posting the price was $50.