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Jeeps and Beards

LRDG-(Long Range Desert Group), SAS, British Special Operations Forces, East of Tobruk, October, 1941, The Great Sand Commons, Sahara Desert, North Africa.

"In this photo, the LRDG and their Jeeps and the "things sticking up" are twin .30 caliber Bofors aircraft machine guns, mounted on the passenger side. In the center between the seats out of view, is one 60MM Browning Recoilless Rifle Cannon from a B-17 Bomber.

In each photo, you notice a single Bofors sticking up also. That was a single machine gun of the same make for the rear shooter to use for any pursuers that may try to follow, after a shoot and loot.

When Bradford and his crews would hit elements of 15th and 21st Panzer Divisions, they would hit them at night and lay waste. The 60mm was used for blowing each aircraft, fuel dumps, and all other assets, vehicles, as well as hitting the Panzer tanks also.

They then would evac the 1000 miles home to just east of the Libyan border inside Naga, Algeria. They hid there in a nomadic Bedouin oasis there and the women there would then refurb the Jeeps, supplies, food, water, fuel, repair the desert tunics, and further outfit the Jeeps for the following mission."

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