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"Celtic Gathering" - This handcrafted wood pen features a triple-layer Celtic knot and tumbling rings on the cap. It's an awesome tribute to the Celtic tradition.

This wood pen started out as a block of black walnut and inlay strips of maple and padauk woods. First the maple and padauk inlay strips were fused together, then cut into the black walnut in a 1-cut-per-day method. The pen was then shaped and sanded by hand on a lathe up to 10k grit. It then received three stains, including a light brown to enrich the black walnut base, a dark brown that filled the wood pores and flecked the surface, and 100% pure tung oil to bring out the grain.

The wood was then sealed in coat of durable cyanoacrylate, buffed to a high gloss and given a weathered texture to keep it beautiful for years to come. The wood was fitted in cast settings plated in rhodium and titanium with a Swarovski crystal. It features a premium Schmidt steel ink cartridge that writes as smoothly as silk in black ink with its ceramic tip.

The ringed cap posts on either end of the pen shaft with durable and smooth screw threads.