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Fly fishing is an art, and learning to fly fish and the skills needed to be successful make it a rewarding pursuit for both young and old. To many people, the point of fishing is simply to catch fish. However, fly fishermen derive their pleasure from following in the tradition of the sport and the beauty of the streams, lakes and shorelines where they find themselves.

By taking the time to prepare your child’s introduction and letting them find joy in their successes, you will be rewarded with a fishing companion for life. A good way to develop their interest from a young age is by sharing your enthusiasm for fishing. Walk with them along a river, point out where the fish will lie and why, take a dip net along and catch and identify the insects and explain their life cycles. At home show them your or your father’s fly rod, reel and fly collection, teach them to tie a fly, explain the history of fly fishing, when you started, who taught you and where it has taken you.