by now, you must be already shaking your head thinking that 65 grand is a little too much to be paying for a ride with one less wheel, has no roof, and seats only two, but seriously, how can you deny that the TORQ Electric Three-Wheel Roadster is a not beauty? unlike most three-wheeler that looks immediately like, well, a three-wheeled ride, the TORQ Roadster looks exceedingly like a regular car from the front – thanks to its extra wide 80.5″ track width that promises to stick to track like its on the rail, or something along that line. perhaps the ridiculously wide stance alone won’t achieve that, but coupled with a precision-engineered suspension setup with inputs from the folks at Palatov Motorsports, it really should and that’s not all, with the track edition TORQ, it also promise a lateral G comparable to those of a Ferrari F430 and that’s a good 1.3G if anyone’s counting. drivetrain comes in the form of an electric motor rated at 300 hp with a crazy 612 lb-ft (830 Nm) of torque, and since it is electric, it has everything to offer except the lag. if you ever mucked around with both electric-powered and gas-powered radio control car, you will know what we mean.

combined those electrifying numbers with a single speed limited slip transmission and an exceedingly light 2,200 lbs (998 kilograms) curb weight, the TORQ Roadster makes zero to 60 in a mere 4 seconds. though, with its 24 to 34 kWh lithium iron phosphate battery module, it will do just 100 miles (160 km) max on a single full charge. in another word, if you plan to work it further, then you better have a trailer coming after you soon. other features include Wilwood 4-piston brake system necessary to haul this beast to a stop, detachable leatherette wrapped steering wheel, a carbon body and chassis with a 65/35 weight distribution (do remind yourself, this is a three-wheeler), rear e-brake, 17-inch light weight alloy rolling stocks shod with 205/40ZR17 rubbers, digital speedometer, built-in engine immobilizer, custom race seats with FRP base, and five-point racing harness system. an official launch party is scheduled on the April 6 at Epic EV’s R&D facility in Vista, CA and it will also be the day a paying customer gets the key to this three-wheel, silent rocket and a day for rest of the lucky ones to caress and ogle over its beauty in person, and possibly take it out for a spin. damn. we wish we could be there.

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