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Growing up with a cabin in Aspen, you’re no stranger to the slopes. But when it was your turn to pick your poison on the Black Diamonds, you took one look at your parents clomping around in their ski boots like Jar Jar Binks and chose snowboarding instead. The new ski boots from FreeMotion ($521+) might make you reconsider. The modern ski boot gives you the full flex comfort of a snowboarding boot without sacrificing the downhill performance. Made with a soft flexible inner boot and rigid exoskeleton secured together with a top-locking buckle, the innovative combination provides you with greater comfort and control. A front zippered gaiter allows you to get in and out of the boots easily, and a special lacing system easily tightens with one hand to give you as much stability and firm foot placement you desire. Each FreeMotion ski boot weighs around 3.63 pounds, and the innovative design makes it easier to walk around, as well as minimize leg muscle fatigue so that you can ski longer and harder during the day. Unfortunately these puppies are only available in Austria at the moment, but don’t you have a chalet there?