Being a man of mystery, you know how to deal with rumors and speculation. From who you’re dating, where you’e living and what company you’re going to buy next, people can’t get enough of trying to figure out your next move. Although most fail in getting in on your plans, you can’t help but appreciate when someone gets close to the truth. That’s why if there were any story coming out of the auto world that would strike a cord with you, it would be all the talk about the Spyker B6 Venator ($160,000+). Rumored to make big waves at the Geneva Car Show this year, Spyker has only released a silhouette of the concept model. A new sketch, however, is being passed around and thought to be a rendering of the B6. The “Wall Street Journal” has reported that the car’s specs are very close to the Lotus Evora S. With a weight of only 3,080, this new concept will rip through the competition with 375-horsepower and a V6 engine (yeah Porsche, you’d better watch out). However, who knows if the WSJ is right. We know how they’ve been wrong about you in the past (you and Steve were close, but running Apple would have taken too much time from your other ventures). So although you can’t buy a Spkyer B6 yet, that story might be one worth following.

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