We'll admit it: we're plenty guilty of using our steering wheel as an impromptu drum kit for awesome traffic solo performances. And by "awesome traffic solo performances," we really mean, "fits of off-beat epileptic flailing." But that's neither here nor there.

One company is out to turn absent-minded steering wheel drumming into a game with a special wheel cover. Called the Smack Attack, the gizmo features eight touch sensors that produce drum sounds on top of the music pumping from your iPhone music library. If that seems like a massive bout of distracted driving waiting to happen, its creators say the device could actually keep drivers focused by engaging them.

We suppose anything that keeps a driver's mind from wandering off is a step in the right direction, and Smack Attack isn't attached to any sort of game. It just lets you make fun noises by whacking your steering wheel. Buyers can also download songs without the drum part so that the user can drop his or her own beats.

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