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Having a pool table and even a bar in your house is one of the ultimate man fantasies, but the reality of a traditional blue, green, or red clothed table is a little dated, a little too early 1990s nouveau riche. If you want that added luxury of a pool table and the social possibilities that it brings, but also want to keep your pad modern, then the Glass Pool Table is just what you are looking for.

The Glass Pool Table surface is made from of the patented Vitrik transparent material that sits on a 15mm bed of toughened glass. Movement of balls and the way they act on the table is exactly the same as if it were a cloth thanks to the Vitrik cover, and it even allows for the player to add spin to the ball.

We love the idea of this and could even see it in the Mens Gear office, but the fact that this Glass Pool Table costs a whopping $65,000 price us out of our league.