The fenders look like rockets. The plexiglass bubble roof affords you a 360 degree view. The removable top would automatically close when the sensors detected rain.

This is the 1959 Cadillac Cyclone XP-74 Concept, designed by the legendary GM head of design Harley Earl. It looked more like a Jet aircraft than a car, and was part of the post WWII fascination with futuristic design. Imagine being able to create--from scratch, an automobile the likes no one had ever seen before, and beyond the imagination of most human beings. Lucky, lucky Harley Earl.

The car has a radar-sensing crash avoidance system with proximity-sensing devices hidden in the nose cones, and has a V8 engine capable of producing 325 horsepower. The rear taillights give the impression of jet exhausts. At a touch of a button, Cyclones doors move outward from the car three inches. Moving smoothly on ball bearings, they can be slid back for easy entrance.

Even the instruments are clustered like an aircraft dashboard. And what’s a futuristic vehicle without an intercom system that allows passengers to communicate with persons outside the automobile without raising the canopy.

Sheer futuristic perfection.

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