The motorbike custom jobs that pass our way are just getting better and better, and today we are covering the daddy of all motorcycle brands, Harley Davidson. Not just any old Harley either, because the Del Rey Harley Sportster has been built by DP Customs, an overhaul shop that has delivered the goods before.

Needless to say, when you see a cycle from DP Customs you are immediately taken aback by the beauty, and the Del Rey Harley Sportster certainly continues in the striking vein. The Del Rey Harley Sportster started life as a standard 1995 1200cc Evo Sportster and was splashed with a classic spray job inspired by the 1970s iconic Elf Formula One cars. Aside from the gorgeous colors, the Del Rey Harley Sportster by DP Customs has a modified frame, new and improved ignition and coils, while the Brembo brakes are a step up from the standard stoppers.

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