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On those certain nights you spend watching “The Jetsons” reruns with your WISPR Vaporizer and a case of Jim Beam Sunflower Seeds, you often wax poetic about how magical life would be if only you had a trusty robot servant around the house, like Rosey the Robot. She could roll through your place with a feather duster and make witty little quips to the family dog (who also happens to talk, despite a wicked speech impediment), and make life easy and fun, just like George Jetson’s. Well, SchultzeWORKS designstudio is about to blow your mind, as they’ve created a Rosey-type robot for you, in the flesh and blood. (Well, maybe not in the “flesh and blood” per se, but certainly in the plastic and circuitry.) The Luna Robot was designed to be a personal telepresence robot that is not only completely expandable via expansion ports, but fully programmable with open standards. And perhaps best of all, you don’t need to be a millionaire like Mr. Spacely to be able to afford her.

The human-sized (and rather curvy, we might add) Luna features an 8-inch LCD touchscreen capable of telepresence, plus adjustable arms perfect for carrying trays of snacks, walking the dog, or giving you a robot high five (just like you’ve always dreamed of). On the inside, she’s got a 2 GHz processor, nVidia9000M graphics card, WiFi, 8 MPx camera with digital zoom, 8 GB flash memory (which is upgradable to 32GB), 8 inch touchscreen LCD, 3 microphone array, speakers, 10 bit wheel sensors, PrimeSense’s 3D sensor (like the one used in the Xbox Kinect), and a battery that lasts between 4-8 hours. She’ll also run on her own LunaOS platform, an open source system that the company hopes will attract developers to build new apps for, expanding Luna’s current capabilities. Which means before long, we’re sure someone will figure out an app involving a feather duster in some capacity or another.

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