In 1971 Arnold Schwarzenegger won Mr. Olympia Bodybuilding contest. But he wasn’t the only muscle making the news. The 1971 Buick GSX was also a crowd pleaser that year mainly for its audacious strength and muscle. Just like Arnold, this car was high performance and tough. In 1971 only 124 were produced, each with a distinctive full body length black stripe that crossed over the standard equipment rear spoiler and was outlined in red pin stripes. We like to call that the mark of the beast because you can definitely hear the roar of this four wheeled animal from miles away. The GSX also featured black bucket seats, floor shifter, wide oval tires, quick ratio steering and anti-sway bars. It was, in it’s time one of the best. A lot of GSXs are still around and just like Schwarzenegger you might spot one cruising diwb Santa Monica from time to time. It’s truly become such a collector’s item that four restored versions were recently auctioned off in Las Vegas for $80,000. Clearly they showing that there strength on stage. Sadly, we’re not sure the Governor is gonna make as good of a come back anytime soon.

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