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This is a breathtakingly beautiful wedge of cedar upcycled and handcrafted into a tastefully rustic candle holder or candelabra. This is a naturally beautiful piece of home decor.

This is the wedge of wood axmen cut in one chunk to fell a large cedar tree at a former golf course in Iwakuni, Japan. The cut sides were sanded to 3200 grit for a silky smooth to the touch feel and a look accentuating the startling swirls of red and yellow cedar grain.

I drilled four slots for votive candles into the sloping face of the wedge. Designed with a subtle overhang, each slot will support any candle that fits against the back of the slot by supporting at least 2/3 of the candle base (enlarge photo for best demonstration).

The back of this candelabra was "roughed" to remove loose debris and then left entirely untreated to maintain its natural look and feel. Please note this is a natural, real piece of wood with real cedar bark; some dust and debris falloff is expected for an all-natural piece like this.

The cut sides (sloping face and bottom) were treated with teak and Japanese tung oil to accentuate the beautiful grain. Otherwise, this piece is untreated and will remain natural and beautiful for many years. It can be cleaned and preserved using your favorite furniture polish.

This votive candle holder underwent many hours of shaping and sanding to make it so beautiful. The client who orders this piece MUST send me a picture of it with melted wax from used candles! That's how I envision this piece in my head, and can't wait to see it in reality.

This votive candelabra was designed for candles measuring 1 1/2 inches in diameter to fit in the four slots. Please note this is a NATURAL WOOD candle holder! It is therefore flammable and should NEVER be left unattended with lit candles! Candles are not included in this order.

Dimensions are approximate due to unusual shape:
Length: 11 3/4 inches (30 cm)
Width: 5 1/2 inches at widest (14 cm)
Height: 5 3/4 inches (14.5 cm)
Candle slots: 4
Artist: Bryce Piper