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What can poker teach us about real life? The answer is - plenty!
Being succesful at poker takes skill, courage, luck, and a lot of psychology - making 'reads' on people is key.
We can take those skills and situations and compare them to real life - for example, negotiating deals.
But what about dating? Well, dating also involves making 'reads' - working out if someone's interested in you, figuring out if you should make the next 'move', and so on.
In this infographic we've taken a fun, somewhat cheeky look at how dating and poker compare. It also teaches you some of the poker 'lingo'. Poker (especially online) is a whole world to itself and there's so much slang and terms it's sometimes hard to work out what on earth people are talking about!
So in this infographic our aim is to show you in a light-hearted way some of the basics - so you can start talking like (if not playing like!) a real poker pro!

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