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Amphibious cars have never quite taken off, and here at MensGear we think we know why. The problem is that we all have an image of a sporty amphibious car, maybe something like James Bond´s Lotus Elise in The Spy Who Love Me. A sporty land and water cruiser has never worked, so perhaps the key lies in going a bit more industrial.

That´s where the Gibbs Phibian Amphitruck ($TBA) comes in, a carbon fiber leviathon that works perfectly as a boat and as a road going truck too. Huge it is, so forget about raging down the asphalt, but a 500bhp diesel motor will offer plenty of torque and should be perfect for carrying you and 15 of your friends. 4WD makes this a true all-terrain vehicle too and you can switch to amphibious mode in 10 seconds and skim across the waves at 30mph thanks to a jet propulsion motor.