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If only you had a quarter for every time you heard someone scream, “Hey, look at the big brain on this guy!” You’d be able to afford this awesomely gigantic $4000 Anglepoise Giant Floor Lamp. Three times the size of a standard lamp, this giant has a reach of over 6 and a half feet, so you can adjust the light to hit wherever you want—even if you’re practically on the other side of the room. Resembling the lovable Pixar lamp (whose name is Luxo, by the way) on some major steroids, Angelpoise’s lampshade alone has a diameter of about 1.6 feet across. The base is made of aluminum and it features castors for easy positioning. It comes with a bulb and a dimmer to control the light level, which is good news, since your brain is seriously picky about its light intake. How are you supposed to think of ways to increase your brain size even further without proper lighting?