It's finally here, the S-42!

Perfect for men & women wet shavers!

Meet the Synergy-42, the first razor in a line of more to come. This razor is a solid, classic shaver with not only style but some heft and clean cutting action. 70 grams (2.5 oz) and 3.25" (8.255 cm) in length

Being a huge fan of Gillette's vintage colored tip razors I had to do a purple chrome tribute (Those in the know, will get the Douglas Adams reference too). Our S-42 razor shaves as good and as close as the best of them with knurling even the shower shaver can feel comfortable using.

The S-42, making wet shaving sexy again!

Brass & Dbl Chrome Plated Handle, Head is comprised of Brass & Zinc - This baby will never rust!

Again, to those in the know...don't forget your towel!