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A penthouse in Manhattan, New York is in many ways the pinnacle of real estate, the most sought after home in one of the most sought after locations in the world. So this penthouse by Turett Collaborative Architecture is just about one of the most desired property´s on the planet right now. On top of that it is a jolly good space too, regardless of its lofty locale.

Lofty is pretty accurate too as this penthouse sits 54 floors above the street and overlooks the city and all of Central Park. The architects have created a space that boasts a lot of glass windows, enough to offer a stunning panoramic view in fact. The interior has been designed with the glass in mind, with the arrangement and hues definitely geared to making the most of the floods of light entering the home. Most of the furniture is white, while fixtures are glass and floors subtle woods. Some high end art has been dotted around to add a splash of color to the area.