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What I am about to state will upset some or make you feel uncomfortable. That is my intention.Or you will just discount what I have to say..................

There are many that are taught by the society and education system that we pay for that God and Science cannot mix. There is no reality that allows for the Lord and Science to live together. I and many firmly do not believe this. I believe that God is part of all that we learn in Science. God is always working in the details. It is man that has bastardized our understanding of science and our arrogance that does not allow for a 'logical' explanation. ..........................

When I see beautiful photos like this I think of directly how God is so unknown to us in a physical form but we get glimpses. Science is our understanding of how wonderful and complex our lives are in this Universe. Our Scientific understanding of Him allows for new insights into His beauty and revealed in images like this.

Apologies for being political and religious in this post. It is not my intent to offend anyone, but rather to make you think, just... think.