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Energy, vitamin and mineral imbalances in the human body are the root causes of chronic illnesses such as stress, food sensitivity, toxicity, digestive problems, mal-absorption, etc. Simply alleviating the symptoms of such diseases is not enough. One needs to get into the root cause of a particular disease in order to design a treatment plan.

Hair follicle test is a major breakthrough in the health sector. The non-invasive hair follicle analysis helps in detecting amino acids, mineral and vitamin deficiencies. You get complete information about the underlying factors affecting your body’s immune system with the help of the Bio Profiler hair indexing equipment in less than 10 minutes. The Bio Profiler test is easy and affordable. The test results are highly accurate and provide the history of your body for the past 3 months. This means you can easily identify various health exposures that caused imbalances in your body and take treatment accordingly.

An overall good health cannot be achieved unless you look beyond the specific symptoms of a health condition. Addressing nutritional and other energy imbalances is essential to bring your health back on track. That’s why a hair follicle test is your key to natural well-being.

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