Want a new pair of Nike Air Jordans? How about those Yeezy 350s? Good luck with that. Collectible sneakers make up a multimillion dollar market segment of a billon dollar US market for sneakers, and third-party resellers will do anything to scoop up as many pairs as they can—leaving you to pay $600 and up for a pair.

This begs the question—how do unauthorized outlets get all these sneakers, and how can you get a pair?

Enter the Sneaker Bot, a collection of software that automates all parts of the sneaker-buying process. From Twitter-feed scanning to cart adding and checkout, the “Sneaker Bot” claims to do it all.

The cost? A price tag that starts at $20 USD for a browser add-on and goes up all the way to $350 USD for a suite of tools that includes iPhone apps, CAPTCHA solvers, resale-value projections, and more.

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