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Reminiscent of some sort of transport device from a video game, the Hoverbike is a multipurpose, ultralight aircraft (yeah, AIRCRAFT) that’s powered by an 80 kW, twin 4-stroke engine. Potential uses for such awesomeness include aerial surveillance, film-making, search & rescue and so much more badassery.

Additionally, the Hoverbike:

Can soar up to 10,000 feet, although this has yet to be tested
Weighs only 240 lbs and can support up to an additional 400 lbs
Boasts motorcycle-like operation, complete with handlebar with controls for speed & navigation
Is made of top-grade carbon fiber (including the propellers), helping it achieve up to a 100-mile range
Has a (theoretical) top-speed of 150 aeronautical knots/hour (about 172 mph)
It’s still in the prototype phase, but rest assured, when this baby is official, it’ll make the once-futuristic Segway seem like yesteryear’s toaster oven.