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Un-Opened - Vintage

1988 Fleer Basbeball Cards

4 packs - 60 Cards & 4 Stickers

Makes a great gift !

Perfect to start or add to a collection !

Use for display, scrapbooking, crafting !

The 1988 Fleer baseball card set consist of 660 cards that measure 2 1/2" x 3 1/2". The cards are in order by player alphabetically within each team. The teams are in order based on their respective performance during the prior year.

These packs might include the following:

Key Rookie Cards:
Jay Bell, Ellis Burks, Ken Caminiti, Ron Gant, Tom Glavine, Mark Grace, Edgar Martinez, Jack McDowell and Matt Williams.

Special Cards:
21A Dan Schatzeder - Error (Misspelled Schatzader on card) 21B Corrected
68A Jeff Robinson - Error (Jeff D. Robinson should be Jeff M. Robinson) 68B - Corrected
113A Garth Iorg - Error (Misspelled Iorq on card front) 113B - Corrected
425A Keith Moreland - Error (bat on shoulder)
462A Jerry Browne - Error (wrong Photo of Bob Brower) 462
654 CL Twins/Cards Tigers/Giants - Un-correced Error (90 Bob Melvin should be Eddie Milner)


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